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The first episode in this podcast is a great explanation of the role of official, legal commemoration in reconstructing and maintaining white supremacy after the civil war.
— Bern Haggerty

This podcast needs to be a mandatory lesson to those who question the way African Americans have been treated in this country throughout history. Rev. Robinson brings a much-needed message of truth and understanding to how we can learn from our past in order to improve our future. I most highly recommend this podcast and look forward to tuning in again and again in order to continue to Create Tension.
— Jeb506

Creative Tension offers an engaging walk through the Jim Crow past to dissect the dialogue happening today. The first two episodes offer incredible context into the new narrative and justification for the Confederacy and its monuments. While the voices and explanations can be chilling, I now have an even greater understanding of the nuanced and subtle bigotry that still exists. My daughters will benefit from this and I encourage others to share with their children, too. If this is just the beginning, I can wait for what topics Rev Elliott will tackle next.
— Decatur Georgia Mom