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Creative Tension

Giving a voice to people and periods of struggle, forgotten by history.


Welcome to Creative Tension

Creative Tension was launched by Rev. Elliott Robinson JD, MDiv during the summer of 2017 as a unique way of giving a voice to people and periods of struggle, forgotten by history. Inspired by stories shared by both his father and late Uncle, Rev. Robinson realized an opportunity to revisit a pivotal period in American history.


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What makes creative tension different?

While many podcasts touch on African American history, issues or cultural moments, Creative Tension uniquely focuses on “The Jim Crow Years” and paints a broader picture of life during the 19th and 20th centuries. Our goal is to allow you to be an empathetic witness to the life and experiences of Jim Crow survivors. Creative Tension also helps listeners recognize the legacy of Jim Crow segregation as it plays out right before our eyes.

Jim Crow Still Lives

While it was believed the thoughts and ideology behind Jim Crow segregation would eventually be replaced with respect, humility and humanity, it has not. While the "white only" and "colored only" signs are down, the mentality and the systems that birthed Jim Crow are alive and making a resurgence. That's why the Creative Tension podcast is more than just a discussion, the podcast explores the techniques of resistance used and how they can be applied to address today’s injustices.



90 years of forgotten/ ignored history

History of African Americans in America is minimized to slavery and the Civil Rights era. Creative Tension fills in the gaps, highlighting little known facts, movements and activists occurring during the almost 90 year reign of Jim Crow segregation (1876-1967). As survivors of Jim Crow segregation pass away, it’s critically important to preserve these brave voices of the past and shine the spotlight on their stories. Their lives and lessons offer a key to our future. We must tell their stories, fill in the gaps of history and empower the current generations to create tension.

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